The Delightful Stories of Jillian Jiggs


I love reading stories to my children and we’ve read hundreds and hundreds of them. But there are a few that stand out as favourites. This month, the Canadian Homeschooling Bloggers Team and I are sharing our favourite Canadian books. Years ago we discovered a wonderful set of books written by Canadian author, Pheobe Gilman. […]

Motivate Your Child – Book Review


Parenting is the toughest job there is. Training another person with the life skills they need to go on and be successful is hard work! Really hard! Kids don’t come with instruction manuals and even if they did chances are they wouldn’t follow them anyway. That’s just the way they are. As a mom of […]

Compassion Fatigue – Treatment and Support


(This is the last in a three part series on Compassion Fatigue. If you missed them, here are Part One and Part Two.) The good news is that Compassion Fatigue is treatable! Revisiting the definition: Compassion Fatigue┬árefers to the profound emotional and physical erosion that takes place when helpers are unable to refuel and regenerate. […]

Homeschooling in Winter – A Canadian Roundup and Giveaway!


I’ve recently become part of a team of Canadian Homeschooling Bloggers from all around the country being hosted each month over at The Canadian Homeschooler, a wonderful resource blog of Canadian material run by a friend of mine. Each month we will be sharing our perspectives on a different theme and (hopefully) there will also […]

Compassion Fatigue – Symptoms and Resources – Part Two


This is Part Two of a Three part series on Compassion Fatigue. If you missed it, you can find Part One here. After realizing that something was definitely wrong with me, I started to do a little research and all my reading was pointing to the fact that I was experiencing Compassion Fatigue. What is […]