A Virtual Tour Through Saskatchewan


We’ve been in Saskatchewan for almost 5 years now and the beauty and charm of this province has grown on me. As part of the Canadian Homeschooling Bloggers Team, this month we’re giving you a virtual tour of our province to showcase the wonders of our country. I was really excited about this topic because […]

Scrumptious Gingersnap Cookies


There is nothing more comforting to me than a cup of good coffee and a deliciously sweet treat, like Gingersnap cookies! This recipe was introduced to me many years ago while I was working from my home as a Daycare Provider. One of my moms brought along these tempting morsels┬áthat she and her little guy […]

DIY Haircuts Save a LOT of Money!


Stretching one income over 8 people is a challenge and I’m always looking for ways to trim the expenses back just a little bit more. DIY haircuts is a huge money saver for us and has saved us thousands of dollars over the years. I’ve been cutting Gerry’s hair since our oldest was a baby. […]

7 Ways to Support Someone Who is Grieving

Sad woman hugging her husband

We don’t grieve well in North America. I mean we all have times that we grieve. But I don’t think we do it well. We aren’t comfortable with grief. We don’t understand it. We don’t know what to do with it. And we don’t know how to support someone who is going through it. Instead, […]

Companion Dogs Make a Difference


About 6 weeks ago, we got a Companion Dog for Gerry to help with the treatment of his PTSD. Since his diagnosis last year we had looked into the option of getting a Service Dog for him, however, at the moment the Canadian Forces does not have a standard policy across the board that addresses […]