The Family Tool Box is a great Parenting Tool


If you been following some of our family’s story you know that my husband has recently been diagnosed with PTSD and that for a couple of months when everything at our house was in chaos we were in survival mode when it came to parenting. I could see the negative impact that this was having […]

Best Scalloped Potatoes Ever!

Scalloped Potatoes

One of my favourite side-dish recipes has always been scalloped potatoes. It’s a comfort food for me and a fall staple, but it all the slicing made it a slower dish to put together. However, since I started using the Pampered Chef Simple Slicer (yes, shameless plug, I know) it really has become so much faster […]

The Family Toolbox Giveaway!


I am really excited to share this opportunity with you! I am a part of the Family Tool Box Blogger Team and I am currently using this great resource with my family! I’ll be posting a full review in just a couple of weeks, but let me tell you that you are going to want […]

In That Room Are Warriors!


When I walked into the room Friday night at the OSISS retreat (Operational Stress Injury Social Support) I had no idea what to expect and I was, in truth, a little nervous. Other than the woman that I drove with I didn’t know anyone. Our family has only just begun to deal with my husbands PTSD (Post […]

Teaching with Technology – Some of our favourites

teaching with technology

When it comes to teaching with technology I know that there are a wide variety of opinions. There are those who have strict limits on the amount of screen time and use of iPads or computers in their home and others give a very generous amount of screen time. I respect both camps and am […]