The Love Dare Project – Day Two

Love Dare Day 2

When I began The Love Dare Project I knew it was going to take me some time to get through it. Just as I started working my way through these books we also went away camping for a couple of weeks. I’ve been working my way slowly through them, but it was more difficult while […]

Connecting with your Community

Connecting with your Community

We’ve been a military family since 2006 and have had only 2 postings so far, but I’ve learned a lot about connecting with your community. Both times we’ve lived on base in RHU’s (Residential Housing Units) or sometimes called PMQ’s (Private Married Quarters). (For those of you who are non-military, I need to warn you […]

People are More Important than your “To-do List”!

People are more important

How can you tell if people are more important to you than your “to-do list”? This is a tale of two visits. My mom was just out here visiting our family for 2 weeks. Since we live 2500 kms from her, it’s the one time each year that we have the opportunity to reconnect with […]

PTSD Diagnosis, Drugs and Daily Diligence

PTSD Diagnosis

Diagnosis It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about our journey and the process of getting a PTSD diagnosis. The first step was to go to the social worker here on the base and see his Doctor in the clinic. From there, Gerry got a referral to go to an OSIC (Operation Stress Injury Clinic) for an assessment to determine […]

The Love Dare Project – Day One

Love Dare Project - Day 1

Here we are at Day One! I’m excited! This 3 part Love Dare has huge potential to change me and change my family. God has challenged me to learn more about love – His love for me, and His love through me, using the books The Love Dare The Love Dare and The Love Dare […]