Peaceful Mornings with The Miracle Music Game!


I love homeschooling my kids. I really do. But I HATE trying to get my kids moving in the morning. Honestly, I would send them upstair to do their morning jobs (you know, the simple things like make their bed, get dressed, put their clothes away, brush their teeth… ) and they would disappear for […]

The Project 10 Challenge – Taking my Health More Seriously

Project 10 Challenge

I’ve been pretty quiet here on the blog lately. I finished our home school year feeling completely exhausted and totally burnt out! This last year of Gerry’s diagnosis and treatment of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) has seen some great progress for him but has also been incredibly draining and left me suffering from Compassion […]

A Review of “The Conversation: Challenging your Student with a Classical Education”

classical education

In the past I had heard about Classical Education, but doing this review gave me a much clearer picture of this style of learning. I was given a copy of “The Conversation – Challenging your Student with a Classical Education” to read from the website Classical Conversations. First, to help you understand in more detail […]

Cursive Logic – A Review

Cursive Logic Cover

I have 2 sons who really, REALLY didn’t want to learn cursive. (Truthfully, they didn’t want to learn to print either, but that wasn’t optional.) Boys can often be so resistant to writing – at least mine have always been. So when I had the opportunity to review CursiveLogic I really wanted to try this! Any system […]

Motivate Your Child Action Plan


This year I have reviewed several great parenting resources. First, The Family Tool Box (which you can get here) and then Motivate Your Child (which you can get here), both written by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller at the National Center for Biblical Parenting. Well, they have added another wonderful resource which I was also able to […]